All tenants shall have installed a deck or decks constructed of approved material on the entry side of their home within 60 days after the home is installed. Decks shall be of no less than 140 square feet and shall be for the purpose of an outdoor living area and main entrance to the home. All decks and attached steps shall include appropriate railings. Step railings shall be installed on both sides of the steps. Access ramps for handicap access are permitted with prior approval of management and must include side rails. All deck, steps and railings are to be stained brown to match the color of the steel siding. DO NOT PAINT! The tenant shall be responsible for obtaining any building permit(s) necessary prior to installing the deck. Decks are to be used as an extension of the tenants’ living space and are NOT to be used for storage purposes. Decks are to be maintained relative to staining and repair so they are safe and neat in appearance.