Fences are allowed with management approval and the tenant shall be responsible for utility line location PRIOR to setting of fence post. Please submit a drawing showing the proposed location and material description. All fencing shall be located no less than 10 feet away from any neighboring unit. Exterior lots shall allow a 10 foot clearance zone from the utility lines located at the back of exterior lots. Interior lots shall allow a 5 foot clearance zone from the utility lines located at the back of interior lots. Fencing shall be no closer than 40 feet from the public sidewalk (exceptions may be allowed for corner lots with management’s approval). Fences may be no than 4 feet in height. All chain-link fencing shall be of such design that the top shall be turned down. All fencing shall be installed with the post to the inside. At least one access gate is to be included. Tenant shall maintain the fence and shall be responsible for its removal should tenant remove their home from Lake Ridge unless management agrees to allow the fence to remain. Tenant shall be responsible for maintaining the grounds inside the fence to include mowing and trimming on a regular basis. Pets are not allowed to run unattended within the fence when the tenant is not at home, even if tethered. Invisible fencing is not allowed.