Emergency Exits

Steps, porches &/or decks are allowed only on the entry side of the home and shall not be erected on the non-entry side of the home unless approved by management after consulting with the neighboring resident. Emergency Exit steps may be required by some local, state, &/or national code(s) &/or ordinance(s). In these cases, the code(s) &/or ordinance(s) shall be followed and the non-entry side access shall be allowed for emergency exit only. If allowed, this structure shall be no more than 4 foot by 4 foot (exterior dimensions). The platform of this structure shall be one step lower than the unit’s entrance. Steps from this platform shall lead toward the back or front of the unit, depending upon the emergency door opening, and shall not lead directly toward/into the neighboring resident’s lot. The structure shall be made of material identical to the entry side deck and shall be constructed and stained in like manner. Railings on the platform and on both sides of the steps are required. Metal steps shall not be allowed. Deterioration caused by the tenant’s neighbor’s yard watering shall be the responsibility of the tenant as this structure will have been placed on the neighboring tenant’s lot. Weed control under this deck shall be the responsibility of the tenant of the unit to which this deck provides emergency access. EMERGENCY EXITS AND STEPS ARE TO BE USED FOR EMERGENCY PURPOSES ONLY.