Why Lake Ridge?

Dear Friend,

An Example House With today's high real estate prices, getting started with home ownership is beyond the budgets of many families, particularly young families.

For those already retired, or planning near-term retirement, economic considerations, simplified living, ability to travel without worry about home care, and lower home up-keep costs, are difficult problems which need to be answered.

As children grow up and leave home, many couples no longer need or want to maintain the large house they required when their family was younger. Where are they to find quality living at reasonable costs?

Many single individuals would like the benefits of home ownership, but find it difficult to locate a nice home at costs they can handle.

A Street ViewYou will find the solutions to these difficult problems in the superior living environment provided by Lake Ridge, Inc. This beautiful mobile home community was designed from the outset to supply a superior quality of life at reasonable and workable costs for residents. Frankly, IT IS A RESTRICTED COMMUNITY, in the sense that only better, residential wood sided homes are permitted. This attractive neighborhood atmosphere is further enhanced by an aesthetically pleasing physical layout, landscaping, hidden or buried utilities, and superior maintenance services provided by Lake RIdge.

The result is a beautiful community which will grow even lovelier as the plantings mature.

In the final analysis, each of us is interested in an improved quality of life. Lake Ridge supplies that at very affordable costs, and in the process, it solves a number of problems facing home owners or those who would like to be home owners.

Green Space-Common AreaPlease come and see us, or give us a call. You'll like the way we do business. Thank You.

Lake Ridge, Inc.