The delay of the landlord in enforcing any right or remedy shall not be deemed as a waiver thereof and no indulgence by the landlord of a breach of or any infraction of the Rules and Regulations shall be presumed from the mere passage of time.


Lake Ridge, Inc. operates and maintains its own on-site water supply wells and water treatment plant. Water is provided by Lake Ridge as a part of your monthly rent payment. Water quality is checked regularly by a private licensed operator with testing at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources approved laboratory facilities. An annual water quality report shall be issued by Lake Ridge as directed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources with a copy of said report being provided to each tenant. Lake Ridge shall be responsible for water supply lines up to the ground level shut-off valve located under each unit. The resident shall be responsible for the ground level shut-off valve and all water lines beyond the ground level shut-off valve and must provide a properly functioning protective heat tape during the winter months. This heat tape installation shall also provide adequate heat to the shut-off valve so as to protect it from freezing. It is recommended that the heat tapes be replaced every three to five years. Repair cost caused by frozen or damaged water lines or shut-off valve as a result of improper installation, maintenance, or operation of a heat tape shall be the responsibility of the tenant. Replacement ground level shut-off valves are to be approved by management PRIOR to installation.Water conservation is to be used when watering lawns, shrubs and plantings as well as when washing motor vehicles or filling swimming pools (see SWIMMING POOLS above). Water softeners may be installed at the tenant’s discretion. Please remember that softened water may be harmful to grass, trees and other plant life. Lake Ridge reserves the right to use water from any tenant’s outside faucet if deemed necessary. Lake Ridge reserves the right to limit the use of water during extreme summer conditions for those items not considered life sustaining, to include watering of lawn, shrub and plantings as well as limiting water usage for washing motor vehicles or filling swimming pools.

Yard Lights

An exterior yard light and pole are provided and installed by Lake Ridge for your safety. They are connected to your home and operate off your electrical service meter. Electrical power is to remain supplied to your yard light at all times, including in the event that your home is unoccupied and/or for sale, and shall be the responsibility of the unit’s owner. Replacement bulbs will be furnished by Lake Ridge upon request. If your yard light is out, please contact management to report the outage and our staff will replace the burnt out bulb. Security regularly provides management a list of yard light outages for maintenance purposes. Should your yard light malfunction, repair will be made as soon as possible and as allowed by weather conditions. Should it be discovered that power is not available to the outlet into which the yard light is connected due to a switch or breaker being turned off or due to a non-functioning outlet, you will be invoiced for time spent on the repair at the rate of $25 per hour per person, plus all material cost, with a minimum charge of $25. Holiday decorations of the fixture, to include colored bulbs, are permitted but are to be removed within 5 days after the holiday.

Yard Waste

Yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, garden residue, trees and bush clippings) will be picked up curbside, normally on the regular garbage collection days. These items are to be in bags, properly secured, and separate from your garbage. Limbs and twigs should be secured in manageable bundles. Bags or bundles are to be manageable and should not exceed 50 pounds in weight.