The owner of the home shall occupy the home only as a dwelling and may not sublet or rent the home to another person. Purchases on contract shall be allowed with prior approval and agreement by management and the buyer shall be required to meet all requirements and expectations as all other tenants. Subletting of a room in a tenant’s home shall be allowed provided owner is the principal tenant and the subletting individual(s) has made application for residency with and have received approval for residency from management. Until such time as seller’s interest in the home has expired, seller may be held responsible for any unpaid rents and/or, damage reimbursements caused by the buyer. A copy of any purchase on contract agreement is to be provided to management for review PRIOR to it being signed.

Swimming Pools

All swimming pools shall be limited to a maximum diameter of 18 feet and shall be no more than 4 feet in depth. Pools larger than 300 gallon capacity shall require management’s approval relative to their location and installation PRIOR to the pool being installed. There may be a filling or refilling fee based upon the larger pools capacity. Refilling of larger sized pools (those capable of holding more than 300 gallons) shall be limited to a twice monthly basis. Larger sized pools shall be required to include a filter and clarification system.

Drainage of pools is to be in such manner as to direct the water away from all homes and into the street at the front of the home. A drainage hose leading to the street is required for larger sized pools. DO NOT empty pool water into the sewage system as the added chemicals may destroy the sewage treatment process which can be very expensive to replace and rebuild. Pools are to be covered when not in use.

The tenant shall be responsible for the restoration of any grass, plants, bushes or trees damaged or destroyed as a result of their use of a swimming pool as well as any property damage caused as the result of the pools usage. No permanent or in-ground pools may be installed. Large swimming pools are to be specifically addressed in tenant’s liability insurance policy and the owners shall furnish management with a Certificate/Declaration of Insurance (See INSURANCE). Lake Ridge shall in no way or instance be responsible for any damage, either personal or property, caused by or incurred due to the installation of a swimming pool by any tenant. Swimming pools are to be disassembled at the end of the season (no later than November 1st of each year) and are to be stored.

Telephone Service

Lake Ridge is located within area code 319 and the Iowa City telephone exchange. Monthly usage payments are made directly to the telephone service provider of your choice. Please check with local telephone service providers for options. Lake Ridge, in conjunction with our telephone company, shall be responsible for the connection to the demarcation post located in the utility configuration at the back of each lot. The tenant shall be responsible for any and all problems and their resolutions from the demarcation post to and within the home. All telephone lines shall not be visible on the outside of the home and shall be located under the home and siding. If in-home access is through the walls, all cables and connections shall be routed under the siding of the home and not viewable.


A tenant shall be defined as a person who has entered into a Rental Agreement with Lake Ridge, Inc.

Termination of Rental Agreement

A Rental Agreement between a tenant and Lake Ridge, Inc. may be terminated by any of the following methods:

60 Day Notice -When either party desires to cancel the renewal of the Rental Agreement, a written notice of at least sixty days prior thereof shall be delivered to the other party and the Rental Agreement shall expire at the end of said period or the current least term whichever is longer.

14/30 Day Notice -If there is material noncompliance by the tenant or resident of the tenant’s home with the terms of the Rental Agreement, the landlord may deliver written notice of the acts constituting the breach and landlords election to terminate the Rental Agreement within thirty days if the breach is not remedied in fourteen days. If the tenant fails to remedy such breach within fourteen days, the Rental Agreement shall terminate as provided in said notice.

3 Day Notice to terminate and Notice to Quit – This notice is given if a tenant or resident has created circumstances or maintained a threat constituting a clear and present danger to the health or safety of other tenant, resident, the landlord, or the landlord’s employees or agents.

3 Day Nonpayment of Rent Notice – If the tenant fails to pay the rent and any accumulated unpaid rents, fees, or other unpaid debts of the tenant to the landlord within three days after having received a written notice issued by the landlord of such nonpayment, the landlord may terminate the Rental Agreement immediately and proceed with any and all available remedies provided by law.


Motor vehicles licensed to operate on Iowa highways may be used in the park by licensed drivers, provided Iowa traffic laws and the posted speed limit are obeyed. No other motor vehicles, ATVs, or snowmobiles shall be allowed to operate within the park. SPEED LIMIT IS 20 MILES PER HOUR. Tenants shall be responsible for advising their guest of the speed limit. Should a tenant, resident or guest be known to exceed the speed limit, they may be prohibited from driving in Lake Ridge.


Liability for damages and injuries caused by use of a trampoline are to be specifically addressed in the tenant’s liability insurance policy (See INSURANCE ). Lake Ridge shall in no way or instance be responsible for any damage, either personal or property, caused by or incurred due to the installation of a trampoline by any tenant. Trampolines are to be disassembled at the end of the season (no later than November 1st of each year) and are to be stored.


Tenants are required to establish the location of any and all utility lines PRIOR to planting trees and/or bushes; building decks; starting gardens; installing fences; or for any surface penetration. Various utility lines cross Lake Ridge in uncertain patterns and locations. Any and all damage caused by a tenant’s carelessness shall be the responsibility of said tenant. For further information regarding a particular utility, please review the section so titled (ELECTRICAL SERVICE ; SEWAGE ; WATER ; ETC.) within this document.

Vehicle Repair

No major mechanical or body repairs, adjustments or modifications of vehicles will be permitted to be performed in the park. This shall include such items as engine repair; transmission work; major brake work (i.e.: replacing shoes, etc.); removal of fenders, hood or body panels. Minor mechanical repairs, adjustments and minor body work will be permitted provided clean up is completed prior to dusk. This would include replacements of lights; windows; points &/or plugs; changing of oil, oil filters, tires, batteries, adjusting points, timing, carburetor or brakes, as well as minor patch work to include sanding. Spot painting shall be allowed but is not to be done on windy days. Vehicles are to be chocked and blocked while on jacks and are to be attended at all times. When not attended, vehicles are to be lowered to the ground. Oil slicks are to be cleaned immediately. All discarded parts are to be disposed of properly and are not to be included with your garbage. Oil and oil filters are to be properly disposed of and may not be included with your garbage. Please refer to the RECYCLING INFORMATION section of this document.

Vehicle Storage

Recreational vehicles, campers, trailers, boats, unused, unlicensed, or un-operable vehicles are to be stored at an offsite location. Please contact management regarding available storage at Lake Ridge for these types of vehicles. Large trucks are not permitted to park on the streets or pads. Such vehicles may be parked for the purpose of loading or unloading for as short of time as feasible with management’s permission. RVs, campers, trailers or boats may be parked in Modern Manor overnight for the purpose of loading and unloading.