Recycling Information

In an effort to help the State of Iowa and Johnson County meet their waste reduction goals, Lake Ridge has implemented a PAPER recycling program to encourage waste reduction. The program is designed to promote recycling and re-use of materials rather than the disposal of these materials. Please contact the office to obtain a Recycling Bin for use in recycling your paper items.


Due to limitations, recyclable items are limited to the following four PAPER classifications. These items will be picked up on Monday and Friday of each week immediately following garbage pickup. If collection day is a holiday, the garbage will be collected the day after the holiday unless the holiday is on a Friday in which case collection will be on the Thursday preceding the holiday. On occasion, and if determined necessary by management, this schedule may be altered. Notification of schedule altering will be attempted. Recyclable Paper Items will not be picked up during inclement weather conditions (ie: rain, extreme cold, or if snow removal is in process). NEWSPAPERS:

A:    Newspapers & advertising supplements. B:    No Phone Books, Junk Mail, Books, or Office Paper. C:    Stack loose, bound, or in paper sacks, on bottom of recycling bin.


A:    Cereal boxes, Egg Cartons, Junk Mail (paper only), Greeting Cards, Paper (white, colored, or computer) Paper Bags, Envelopes (paper only), Paper cores (towel/toilet paper), File folders.B:    No Freezer Boxes, Juice or Milk Cartons, Wax Paper, Food Waste or Plastic.C:    Place in paper sacks in the recycling bin.


A:    Larger pieces may be put under the recycle bin. B:    Smaller pieces should be placed in paper bags inside the recycle bin.C:    Boxes MUST be broken down and flattened.


A:    Magazines, Catalogs with 100% shiny or slick pages (Time, Newsweek, Sears, J C Penney, etc.)B:    No TV Guide, Reader’s Digest, Phone books or Paperback books.C:    Bound or placed in paper sacks and placed inside the recycle bin.



Recyclable Non-Paper Items, as well as the recyclable paper items mentioned, may be recycled at City Carton Recycling Center, 3 E Benton St., Iowa City. This location is just east of the McDonalds Restaurant on Riverside Drive. Glass must be kept separate by color. Lake Ridge will NOT recycle these recyclable non-paper items. NON-RECYLABLE ITEMS:

A:    LARGE ITEMS: tenants will be charged the following fee(s) for pick-up of the following LARGE ITEMS. Please contact the office to make arrangements for pick up of these items. PAYMENT IS NECESSARY PRIOR TO PICK UP.

FURNITURE:    $15 per pieceAPPLIANCES (including Computers):    $25 per itemTIRES:    $15 eachTIRES ON RIMS:    $20 each

B:    TOXIC ITEMS: DO NOT PUT TOXIC ITEMS IN YOU GARBAGE. (Oil, paint, chemicals, pesticides, etc.) are to be placed in a separate box beside your garbage bin, or, brought to the office. Latex paint may be mixed with kitty litter until absorbed then dispose of with regular garbage. Oil Based paints may be spread on cardboard, allowed to dry, and disposed of with regular garbage.

Please contact management should you have any questions regarding the garbage or recycling program. Your cooperation is expected and appreciated.  


A Residents Registration Form shall be filled out by each tenant upon the rental of a lot space. The Residents Registration Form shall be kept on file with the landlord as long as the home is on the lot space within Lake Ridge as Lake Ridge is required by law to keep a permanent record of all residents within the community. Tenants will notify management of any change in the information contained on the Residents Registration Form within ten days after said change. Management may at any time request and updated Residents Registration Form and any supportive documentation requested thereon.


The monthly rent amount shall be established by management and shall be due and payable on or before the 1st calendar day of the month, regardless of whether that day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or on a holiday.

Rental Agreement

Each TENANT shall enter into a written Rental Agreement between themselves and Lake Ridge, Inc. prior to the tenant establishing residency in Lake Ridge, Inc.

Rental Payments

All payments are to be made at the office, via the payment drop box located next to the office (Do NOT place cash in the payment drop box.); by mail; or by use of DIRECT DEBIT (refer to description within this document). Payments made after the 5th day of the month shall be subject to a $25 administrative fee PLUS a $5 per day late fee for each day after the 5th day of the month the payment is received. The late fee may not exceed $40 per month as directed by State of Iowa Code. If an improper amount is received, an invoice will be issued and is to be paid immediately. All payments received may be posted against any unpaid rent, fees or other funds due, prior to funds being applied toward the current month’s rent. Monthly lot rent shall provide the tenant with services to include the providing of water; sewage disposal; garbage removal; yard care, snow removal from streets; and Expanded Family Cable Television connection availability.


The tenant represents to the landlord, as an inducement to the landlord to enter into a Rental Agreement, that all of the representations made by the tenant on the Application and/or Residents Registration Form are true and correct and agrees that if any of said representations are false the landlord may, at their option, consider the same to be a breach of and material noncompliance by the tenant of the Rental Agreement. The tenant agrees for them self, all members of their family, and their guest, to consult, conform to, and abide by the Rules and Regulations concerning the tenant’s use and occupancy of the manufactured home and home space, including all additions, changes, deletions or amendments to said Rules and Regulations which the landlord may deem necessary for the protection for the manufactured home park, the general comfort and welfare of all residents, or the ease and efficiency of management thereof. Any failure of the tenant to observe and comply with such Rules and Regulations shall constitute a breach of and material noncompliance with the terms of the Rental Agreement in same manner as if the landlord shall have the same rights and remedies with respect to any such failure as in the Rental Agreement provided for the nonpayment of rent or failure of tenant to perform any other covenant or agreement set forth herein.

Resale of Homes

In the event a tenant desires to sell their home without removal of the home from the lot, the sale of the home shall be subject to management’s approval of the proposed purchaser(s) who shall make appropriate application to reside in Lake Ridge and who must enter into a new Rental Agreement of the premises before such sale shall become final. Upon receiving notification, either directly from the tenant or by any other means, that a tenant desires to sell, management shall inspect the home and may request certain repairs/improvements be completed by the tenant prior to the sale, or, may request that a stipulation that the completion of certain repairs/improvements by the purchaser be included within the Purchase Agreement between the seller(s) and purchaser(s).


A resident shall be defined as any tenant; any member of a tenant’s family as listed on the tenant’s Resident’s Registration Form; or any guest of a tenant living with the tenant on a temporary basis and as listed on the tenant’s Resident’s Registration Form.

Returned Item Fee

As permitted by the State of Iowa Code and as posted at the office of Lake Ridge, Inc., a returned item fee of $30 may be charged for any returned payment whether said payment was for the purpose of paying monthly rent and/or fees or for payment of any other services provided. If the returned item was for the purpose of paying the monthly rent, its return will be cause for you to be considered late with your monthly lot rent payment and you may be subject to the administrative fee and late fees as addressed in RENTAL PAYMENTS .

Rule Amendments

Management reserves the right to make changes, additions, deletions, or amendments to the Rules and Regulations governing residents use and occupancy. Notice of such changes shall be given to all tenants by door-to-door delivery no later than 30 days prior to said changes becoming effective. Notification of rental increases shall be no later than 60 days prior to the effective day of said increase.