Home Installation

The manufactured home must conform to Lake Ridge, Inc.’s regulations relative to size, color and condition and must be installed by a reputable dealer or service company approved by management. The tenant shall be responsible for obtaining any and all permits necessary for the completion of the home installation. All homes being moved in to Lake Ridge shall be of a modern design to include asphalt shingles, gutters and down spouts, as well as vinyl siding in an earth tone color. Trim around windows, doors, eves, etc. may be of a “highlighted” color. Please contact management for approval of your color scheme. All homes shall have brown steel skirting installed using a “J” channel installation method. Skirting shall be installed within 30 days of the homes installation. Hitches and tongues must be removed prior to occupancy and are to be stored out of sight under the home. Wheels and tires must be removed and stored under the home. These items are not to be sold as they are a part of your home. Axles, hubs and springs may be left on the home. The home shall be set at a suitable level as prescribed by management and all local and state codes shall be met before occupancy. Concrete piers as recommended by the homes manufacturer shall be installed with associated permits, approvals and cost the responsibility of the owner. All tie-downs as recommended &/or required by the homes manufacturer and/or by local and state regulations shall be securely in place before occupancy.

Home Maintenance

The premises shall be maintained by the tenant at all times in a neat, clean, and attractive condition, free of all debris, and shall comply with all state, county, township &/or Lake Ridge rules, regulations and requirements. The tenant is to pay any and all property taxes when due. Nonpayment of said taxes may be cause for termination of your rental agreement. Management shall periodically inspect the exterior of the home and may make request for maintenance to be done. Failure to comply with these requests may be cause for termination of the rental agreement. The tenant shall keep all sidewalks and parking pad on the leased premises free from ice and snow, including the street side sidewalk bordering their lot.

Illegal Drug Usage

Any tenant, or resident of their household, who is or has been convicted of illegal drug trafficking or usage may, at the discretion of management, be requested to leave the court and/or their Rental Agreement may be terminated with appropriate notification. If suspected of illegal drug trafficking or usage, and deemed appropriate, suspicious activity by a tenant, or resident of their household, shall be reported to local law authorities.


Tenant shall have and maintain a comprehensive general liability insurance policy covering their home and shall name Lake Ridge, Inc. as an “additional interest” on the policy. Tenant shall provide proof of insurance with a current certification/declaration of insurance issued by the insurance company upon each renewal period. Swimming pools and trampolines shall be specifically addressed within the liability section(s) of the insurance policy should the tenant have either or both of these present on their lot. Should the tenant have either or both a swimming pool and/or trampoline, Lake Ridge, Inc. shall be named as “Additional Insured” on the tenant’s liability insurance policy; the tenant shall carry a minimum of $300,000.00 in liability insurance coverage; and the tenant, by virtue of their liability insurance policy, shall indemnify and hold Lake Ridge, Inc. harmless for any claims arising out of any accident or incident that shall happen as a result of the tenant having either a swimming pool and/or a trampoline.

Landlord Duties and Responsibilities

Landlord agrees to comply with all duties and obligations set out in Chapter 562B of the Iowa Code.

Landord Access

Management shall have the right to enter any manufactured home owned by the tenant if such access is necessary to prevent damage to the home, occupant or lot, or in a response to an emergency situation. Management may enter the leased space in order to inspect it, make necessary or agreed upon repairs or improvements, or to supply necessary or agreed upon services. Prior to entering the home, accessing underneath the home, or performing maintenance to the lot, management will attempt to contact the tenant. If unable to contact the tenant, management shall have the right to proceed as deemed necessary. If the tenant/resident refuses management access to the home or lot as deemed necessary, tenant may be subject to the termination of their Rental Agreement.


Planting of flowers, trees and shrubs is encouraged. The tenant shall be responsible for having all utility lines located prior to planting. The location and type of any trees or shrubs to be planted must be approved by management. Once a tree or shrub is planted, it is to remain on the lot should the home be removed unless permission for its removal is granted by management. Landscaping along the non entry side of the home shall not be allowed without written consent of the neighboring tenant. Once landscaping along the non entry side has been established, it may be maintained though the neighboring home’s tenant may have changed. Flowers may be removed at your discretion. For major planting projects, please present a rough sketch of the proposed plantings to management. If Lake Ridge is unable to mow your lot with large commercial mowers due to your landscaping and plantings, you will be responsible for mowing and trimming. Landscape dividers (stone; manufactured brick or stone; timbers; railroad ties; etc.) may be used upon approval of management. Removal of these dividers shall be the responsibility of the tenant should the home be removed. DO NOT use plastic or wire dividers or edging. Lake Ridge will not be responsible for damage done to plastic, wire, or wood dividers during mowing or trimming.

Lawn Care

Lake Ridge will mow and trim all yards on a regular basis. As large commercial mowers are used, there are times that wet grounds prevent mowing though in need. The tenant shall be responsible for keeping their yard free from any items (toys, lawn furniture, etc.) that may interfere with the mowing of their yard. You may choose to do your own yard care. (There is no compensation to you for yard care.) If so, please advise management so a tape can be placed on your yard light pole to advise the grounds crew to not mow your yard. If there are dog droppings in your yard, we will not mow it and you will be given a notice recording your violation of not having picked up your dogs droppings. Tenants are responsible for mowing and trimming inside and around fenced in areas as well as between the home and shed if the shed is located within six feet of the home. If Lake Ridge is unable to mow your lot with large commercial mowers due to your landscaping and plantings, you will be responsible for mowing and trimming. If, in the opinion of management, your yard or fenced in area is in need of mowing after management has given you adequate notice requesting that you mow, we may mow your yard without your consent and you will be billed at the rate of $25 per mowing/trimming.

Locating Service

Iowa One Call provides locating service for all utilities located in the ground at Lake Ridge. Please contact them at their number listed in your telephone directory no later than 48 hours prior to when you want the utilities on your lot located. For location identification, you will be asked to provide your name and address. Advise them that you are located in Lake RidgeHome Court and in West Lucas Township Should they request an “identifying intersection”, advise them that Lake Ridge is located on South Riverside Drive, immediately South of the Iowa City Airport.

Mail Service

This service is provided by the United States Postal Service with outgoing mail slots located in most of the mail box sets as well as at the mail box complex located on the entrance boulevard. The correct address for your received mail is:Your NameYour Address (ie: 965 Spring Ridge Dr.)Iowa City, IA 52246Each tenant has an assigned mail box and has been provided keys to their mail box. You may make additional copies of your mail box keys if you wish. Please contact management if you are having trouble with your mail box lock and keys. Should the lock and keys to your box need to be replaced due to your actions, you will be invoiced in the amount of $25 or the replacement lock and keys. It is suggested that a copy of your mail box key be provided to the office where it will be kept in your file. It is expected that ALL mail box keys will be provided to management, or to your unit’s new owner, in the event you move from Lake Ridge.