No tenant, resident nor guest, shall discharge any firearm, BB gun, air rifle, or pellet gun within the boundaries of Lake Ridge without the permission of management.


All fireplaces must adhere to all state and local building codes as well as those established by manufactured home builders’ regulations. It shall be the tenant’s responsibility to assure all codes are being met if the fire place is being installed in an established home. Firewood is to be stored inside a storage shed to deter rodents, fire hazards or unsightly appearance.


Fireworks, as described under Iowa law, shall not be used in Lake Ridge by any tenant, resident or guest subject to the tenant’s Rental Agreement being terminated.


A permit is required for fishing in the lake at Lake Ridge. Permits are good for one year and may be obtained by contacting the manager of Lake Ridge at 466-9071 or stopping at the Lake Ridge office at 893 Spring Ridge Dr. A current fishing license issued by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is also required.


Scheduled garbage collections will be on MONDAY and FRIDAY of each week. If collection day is a holiday, the garbage will be collected the day after the holiday unless the holiday is on a Friday in which case collection will be on the Thursday preceding the holiday. On occasion, and if determined necessary by management, this schedule may be altered. Notification of schedule altering will be attempted. Two trash containers are provided by Lake Ridge and are to be kept in the wooden bin provided. Replacement containers and/or wooden bins will be provided upon request. Container lids are to be in place, CLOSED, and secured to the trash receptacle at all times. Garbage MUST be in heavy weight (minimum .85 mils) garbage bags (plastic grocery bags are NOT considered appropriate) with the tops properly secured. If unsecured, the garbage will NOT be picked up. Bagged garbage should not exceed 50 pounds in weight per bag. Receptacle containers are to be located to the front of the unit or its’ deck. If located elsewhere, the tenant is responsible for placing secured garbage bags curbside on the appropriate days. PLEASE DO NOT SET YOUR GARBAGE BAGS AT THE CURBSIDE PRIOR TO COLLECTION DAY. Trash containers and wooden bins are to be kept free of debris and garbage. Your cooperation and assistance in meeting these standards is expected and appreciated.


Gardens are allowed on lots and are to be located behind the home or deck. Gardens are to be kept weed free at all times. Unsightly or unkempt gardens will be mowed. All plant debris shall be removed at the end of the growing season. The tenant shall have all utility lines located prior to tilling the garden area.

Guest and Visitors

No person shall occupy the leased premises except those listed on the Rental Agreement and/or the Resident’s Registration Form. However, tenants are permitted to have occasional non-registered guest for up to a maximum of two weeks at no additional rental charge. A guest is considered to be anyone other than a registered Resident. A guest may be allowed to stay longer than two weeks provided approval is granted by management (based upon the guest completing a non-resident application form) and a weekly payment in the amount of $20 be paid in advance.

Gutters and Downspouts

All units being moved in to Lake Ridge as well as units currently located in Lake Ridge that are having “major” roof repair, shall be required to install gutters and downspouts. The majority of water flow shall be directed toward the street by directing the rain water flow toward the unit’s driveway. All water shall be directed no less than 3’ away from the home by use of gutter extensions which shall empty onto a concrete splash pad. If other than concrete splash pads are used, Lake Ridge shall not be responsible for any damage or destruction caused during mowing and/or trimming.

High Speed Internet

Internet access may be obtained at your expense either through your telephone service provider or through your Mediacom cable connection.

Holiday Decorations

Decorations, to include colored bulbs, flags and/or banners, displayed on the home, deck, yard light, or in any manner on the leased lot relative to any religious, national or ethnic holiday are permitted no more than two weeks in advance of said holiday and are to be removed within 5 days after the holiday.