Concrete Work

All concrete work must be approved by management and shall be performed by Wolf Construction, Inc. employees unless subcontracted through Wolf Construction, Inc. or approved by Wolf Construction, Inc. All concrete work must be paid for in advance of the work being completed.


Should the whole or part of the leased premises be condemned or taken by competent authority for any public or quasi public use or purpose, the Rental Agreement between the tenant and the landlord shall be terminated on the date of the taking. The tenant shall not receive any portion of any real estate award made for such condemnation unless an allowance is made for the tenant to relocate the home and that specified amount shall belong to the home owner.


Words and phrases herein shall be construed as in the singular or plural number, and as masculine, feminine, or neuter gender according to the context. If more than one tenant is signatory on the Rental Agreement, they shall be jointly and severally liable for the performance thereof, and each shall be liable for the acts and omissions of the other. This Rental Agreement shall be construed according to the laws of the State of Iowa.


All tenants shall have installed a deck or decks constructed of approved material on the entry side of their home within 60 days after the home is installed. Decks shall be of no less than 140 square feet and shall be for the purpose of an outdoor living area and main entrance to the home. All decks and attached steps shall include appropriate railings. Step railings shall be installed on both sides of the steps. Access ramps for handicap access are permitted with prior approval of management and must include side rails. All deck, steps and railings are to be stained brown to match the color of the steel siding. DO NOT PAINT! The tenant shall be responsible for obtaining any building permit(s) necessary prior to installing the deck. Decks are to be used as an extension of the tenants’ living space and are NOT to be used for storage purposes. Decks are to be maintained relative to staining and repair so they are safe and neat in appearance.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is a convenient method by which to pay your monthly lot rent, pet permit fee(s) &/or storage fee(s) by authorizing Lake Ridge to automatically charge your bank account on your choice of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th day of the month. Direct Debit will guarantee your monthly obligation will be paid on time, thus avoiding the possibility of incurring fees caused by a late payment. Additionally, Direct Debit eliminates the necessity of you having to provide your payment to the office when out of town or during inclement weather, AND, it eliminates the possibility of your payment being lost due to mishandling. Direct Debit also eliminates the necessity of management having to handle your payment, providing them with more time to handle other situations.

Disclosure Statement

The Owners of Lake Ridge, a manufactured housing park, is Lake Ridge, Inc., an Iowa Corporation. The registered agent of the corporation is Erma J. Wolf, 110 Hummingbird Lane, Iowa City, IA 52245.The current manager of Modern Manor, Inc. is _____________________________________, who may be contacted at 893 Spring Ridge Dr., Iowa City, IA 52246 and who is a person authorized to receive and receipt for any notices and/or demands.A written explanation of utilities, rates, charges and services is set out fully in these Rules and Regulations of Lake Ridge, Inc. and tenant shall be given a copy of these Rules and Regulations and must acknowledge in writing that tenant has read the Rules and Regulations prior to the time that they sign the acknowledgement.Tenant shall be notified by notification of any rent increase at least sixty (60) days prior to the effective date of the increase. The effective date of the increase shall not be sooner than the expiration date of the original rental agreement or any renewal or extension thereof.

Electrical Service

MidAmerican Energy Company, 1630 Lower Muscatine Rd, Iowa City, IA 52240 provides electrical service to Lake Ridge and its tenants. Lake Ridge and/or MidAmerican Energy will take care of below ground electrical problems up to the electrical connection with the unit as soon as possible after notification. Residents shall not tamper with meter boxes or other outside equipment. In case of a tripped breaker at the demarcation box located in the utility configuration at the back of each lot, contact the manager. Air conditioned units shall have a 100 amp service breaker designated for its operation only. Please refer to your telephone directory for the appropriate number should you need to contact MidAmerican regarding any service outage. Payment for electrical service shall be made directly to MidAmerican Energy Company.

Emergency Exits

Steps, porches &/or decks are allowed only on the entry side of the home and shall not be erected on the non-entry side of the home unless approved by management after consulting with the neighboring resident. Emergency Exit steps may be required by some local, state, &/or national code(s) &/or ordinance(s). In these cases, the code(s) &/or ordinance(s) shall be followed and the non-entry side access shall be allowed for emergency exit only. If allowed, this structure shall be no more than 4 foot by 4 foot (exterior dimensions). The platform of this structure shall be one step lower than the unit’s entrance. Steps from this platform shall lead toward the back or front of the unit, depending upon the emergency door opening, and shall not lead directly toward/into the neighboring resident’s lot. The structure shall be made of material identical to the entry side deck and shall be constructed and stained in like manner. Railings on the platform and on both sides of the steps are required. Metal steps shall not be allowed. Deterioration caused by the tenant’s neighbor’s yard watering shall be the responsibility of the tenant as this structure will have been placed on the neighboring tenant’s lot. Weed control under this deck shall be the responsibility of the tenant of the unit to which this deck provides emergency access. EMERGENCY EXITS AND STEPS ARE TO BE USED FOR EMERGENCY PURPOSES ONLY.

Emergency Information


The Johnson County Ambulance Service will respond in case of Medical Emergencies.


The West Branch Fire Department provides fire fighting service for Lake Ridge. In case of a fire, call 911 and then notify the park manager at 466-9071 as soon as possible.

All tenants should purchase and maintain in operating condition a 5 pound ABC type fire extinguisher to prevent small fires from becoming large fires.

All manufactured homes should have working fire smoke alarms in the bedroom areas. Heat tapes on water lines should be checked before each heating season and replaced every three to five years.

Each tenant is required to display the address number on the front of the home. Numbers are to be NOT LESS THAN 3” IN HEIGHT and are to be legible from the street at all hours.


The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office should be called when law enforcement assistance is required. Please do your part in calling the Sheriff’s Office if criminal action or vandalism is observed on anyone’s property. Be willing to file charges, as you would want your neighbor to do the same for you. Please notify the park manager of any incident as soon as possible.




To contact Lake Ridge Security, call the pager number and enter your message when prompted, being sure to include your telephone number so Security may call you back. In reporting to Security, please provide as much information as possible to include descriptions: make, model, color, license number of any automobile involved; race, gender, height, weight, hair color, glasses, distinguishing marks of individuals involved. Provide the address of where the problem is along with the dates of activity. Be prepared to provide this information in writing if requested.

Lake Ridge Security is NOT a substitute or replacement for Emergency 911 services including ambulance, fire, or law enforcement protection, nor is it a substitute for electrical or gas utilities emergency calls. This is our own “in-house” service for our community to keep a watchful eye on activities not acceptable by our residents and their guest. This service is in addition to those public services mentioned.


Fences are allowed with management approval and the tenant shall be responsible for utility line location PRIOR to setting of fence post. Please submit a drawing showing the proposed location and material description. All fencing shall be located no less than 10 feet away from any neighboring unit. Exterior lots shall allow a 10 foot clearance zone from the utility lines located at the back of exterior lots. Interior lots shall allow a 5 foot clearance zone from the utility lines located at the back of interior lots. Fencing shall be no closer than 40 feet from the public sidewalk (exceptions may be allowed for corner lots with management’s approval). Fences may be no than 4 feet in height. All chain-link fencing shall be of such design that the top shall be turned down. All fencing shall be installed with the post to the inside. At least one access gate is to be included. Tenant shall maintain the fence and shall be responsible for its removal should tenant remove their home from Lake Ridge unless management agrees to allow the fence to remain. Tenant shall be responsible for maintaining the grounds inside the fence to include mowing and trimming on a regular basis. Pets are not allowed to run unattended within the fence when the tenant is not at home, even if tethered. Invisible fencing is not allowed.